Our focus areas

Get to know our areas of focus

Our kindergarten’s main focus is to have a supportive and explorative play environmen, with the slogan “here we play”. Our education puts emphasis on meeting the individual child where it is, and offer the support and caring that every child needs – at the same time as exploring further. In our kindergarten play is most important, and we prioritize it highly.

Our kindergarten offers different activities throughout the week, such as cooking, drama groups, excurtions in our neighbourhood and creative activities. The drama group is lead by employees with expertise within drama. Inside the kindergarten, the rooms are made to facilitate play and activity, with things like reading corners and a designated “jumping room” with a rock climbing wall and a trampoline

We also choose a theme area based on the children’s interests that we work on over time. Last year water was in focus, and we have enjoyed various exciting activities both inside and outside. This coming year we will focus especially on friendship and on using stories and songs written by Thorbjørn Egner.

Have a look at our yearly plan to read more about our areas of focus.