Our focus areas

Get to know our areas of focus

Our vision for the year is «When it starts well». This applies to the start of our new kindergarten, the children starting kindergarten, the start of the day etc. In a newly opened kindergarten, we all have one thing in common. We are all new. That is why we will focus especially on it feeling safe and comfortable coming to us, on making everyone feel welcome and have a positive start. We will throughout the entire fall keep special focus on the children’s accustoming and bonding.

Gradually our other areas of focus will start to show. These are sustainable development, which includes focusing on the environment and understanding nature, democracy and children’s involvement, to care for things and create a counterweight against the consumer society that we live in, and friendship and caring for each other.

We will also focus on the children’s opportunity to experience joy in creating, amazement and wonder, and eagerness to explore. Therefore, the children will have access to a science room, a constructing room, technology like smartboards etc., a sun cell-panel with a display in the kindergarten, a water play room and sensory display boards, as well as a water pump and miniature water chute outside.

Have a look at our yearly plan to read more about our areas of focus (coming soon).