About us

A little information about us and our units

Fantoft kindergarten is located on the first floor of the new student housing units, Fantoft Tre, in Fantoft student village. The kindergarten is newly built and opened in August of 2017. We have a large outdoor area with a bike path, sandboxes, a water pump and miniature water chute, playground equipment, nature, rough terrain, a sledding hill and a bonfire place.

In our kindergarten we have home areas with the following structuring this year:
"Villeple" – children between ages 3-6 years
"Sommereik" - children between ages 2-3 years
"Sølvpoppel" - children between ages 1-2 years
"Musøre" - children between ages 1-2 years

Our goals and values
We follow Sammen kindergartens’ common goals and values. In addition to these we have our own areas of focus and our yearly plan (coming soon). As a Sammen kindergarten we also use the guiding-method Marte Meo in our work to secure high quality child-adult relations in order to support the children’s development. 

Student advantages
As a Sammen kindergarten we wish to facilitate your life as a student. Among other things we offer an exam guarantee, free rental of our kindergarten space for events, and flexible opening times to facilitate our students’ study program schedules.