Our focus areas

Get to know our areas of focus

Fagertun is a «here and now» kindergarten, where we let the day unfold based on the opportunities the day offers. Our main focus in our work with the children is to create safe and positive relations, by using the different subject areas as tools.

We have counciously kept the building’s characteristic traits and arranged the interior as in a home, which again creates the foundation of our everyday activities. The day is as far as possible built up like “at home”, where the opportunities of the day «decides» our day-to-day kindergarten life. We seize the day and what it has to offer together with the people that are present. Children and adults create the days together based on interests and motivation. This can be based on experiences the children or adult bring in, a fresh snowfall or a spider in the windowsill. Along with the children we are doing a little of everything throughout the day, while at the same time our set routines and schedule offers predictability and a sense of security.

Have a look at our yearly plan to read more about our areas of focus.