Our focus areas

Get to know our areas of focus

Throughout the years we have pointed our knowledge and expertise toward art, nature and environment. We have in the past for several years participated in “Den Kulturelle Bæremeisen”, and we are currently participating in a cultural development and research project with European dimensions, Cultural Children of Europe. We have in collaboration with several artists, and through developing our own art projects, acquired knowledge of how to facilitate good meetings between children and art. Today we have our own artistic leader working in the kindergarten, with a degree from Bergen Academy of Art.

Through different projects about nature and play, we have acquired valuable experience regarding risk filled play. Our biggest source of inspiration in this field is Ellen Beate Hansen Sandseter, professor at Section for physical activity and health, Queen Maud University College. She speaks up about giving importance to the value of children’s right to free play, outdoor play and play where the children explore their own and their environment’s limits and possibilities.

Out thoughts and ideas about nature is inspired by Arne Næss, professor of philosophy and the father of Deep ecology. Arne Næss was a man with a deep love for nature. The ideas of the future must be loyal to nature, Arne Næss said. In Bortigard we value environmentally positive actions that create good attitudes among the children.

Have a look at our yearly plan to read more about our areas of focus.