Our focus areas

Get to know our areas of focus

We focus on languge, and wish to strengthen the children’s ability to express themselves verbally. We accomlish this through playing with language, reading books, singing, listening to sounds and rhythms in our language, and by using rhymes in our everyday activities.  We are working towards the goal that all children will have a friend, and that everyone will experience relations built on friendship. Feeling that “someone is waiting for me, and we are going to…” is a prerequisite for feeling confidence, happiness and joy.

We are a "Fiskesprell-kindergarten", which means that we focus on having healthy and varied eating habits.  We keep a clear focus on the group of children as a whole, at the same time as we make sure to see and hear each individual child. We find it important to express humour and joy through an informal kindegarten life.

Have a look at our annual plan to read more about our areas of focus.