About us

Get to know us, our goals and our values

Our goals and values

In Sammen Kindergartens we work toward our goals based on the children’s prerequisites, both as individuals and as a part of the group. We work toward four main goals:

  • Identity and self-esteem
    Vi contribute to your child’s development of identity based on a good self-esteem
  • Decisions
    Vi contribute to your child becoming independent, full of initiative and capable of making his or her own decisions
  • Emotions
    We contribute to your child’s ability to know, understand and express his or her emotions
  • Competence
    We contribute to your child feeling safe enough to express his or her opinions, and at the same time tolerating and being mindful of others’ wants and needs

Read more about our goals and values here. How each kindergarten is working towards reaching these main goals are described in further detail in the particular kindergarten’s yearly plan.


Marte Meo

In Sammen Kindergartens we use Marte Meo in guiding and training our staff. Marte Meo is a method where we use videos and visual images of interactions as the basis for guiding and training. The method is a practical model for developing new skills in the everyday interaction with children. The visual images give us concrete information “step by step” about what is happening in the interaction, and at the same time gives us the opportunity to connect theory and practice.

The intention behind using this method in our work is to achieve:

  • increased knowledge about interaction
  • better and stronger quality interactions
  • a mutual understanding about the principles of supportive communication
  • a greater understanding and insight into each individual child
  • enhanced abilities of observation
  • self-reflection on our own role in meeting the individual child

You can read more about the Marte Meo method here. For further information about our educational work you can read the yearly plan of each kindergarten.