Child care

Sammen runs eight kindergartens in Bergen that are located in Fantoft, Nattland, Sandviken and the city centre. The kindergartens are open from 07.00 – 17.00. Our employees are both experienced and dedicated, and we have a high level of user satisfaction. We will facilitate your needs as a student, with offers such as our exam guarantee. We have a rolling admission throughout the year, and non-students are also welcome to apply for a spot on equal terms as students.

Why choose us?


Student-facilitating measures


Our exam guarantee ensures that your child will be looked after if you are sick on your exam day, so that you can follow through with your exam. In addition to this we are flexible with our opening hours.


Competent employees


The quality of our education is high, and our employees are dedicated. We have Marte Meo therapists in all our kindergartens, who guide and coach the staff in improving their interactions with the children.


High user satisfaction


Our user satisfaction is high. The Sammen kindergartens get amongst the highest scores every year, and we use the results from our user surveys actively to further improve the quality of our kindergartens. 


Application deadline 

The deadline to apply for a spot in one of our kindergartens is March 1st, but we also have rolling admissions all throughout the year, both for students and non-students. You can apply through Bergen kommune’s websites.