Career Counselling

Be more conscious of who you are and your career options.

In order to use  the services of Sammen Career you must be a student and have paid the semester fee.

At Sammen Carreer you will meet a counselor that is interested in you; who you are, your skills and your dreams and ambitions.

Common questions

  • How can I use mye education?
  • What job opportunities do I have?
  • Where can I find relevant jobs?
  • Have I choosen the right studies?
  • What competence do I really have?

Others can help you with

  • Do you have questions about admissions, requirements etc, you should talk to a councelor at your school/university.
  • Do you have questions about studies abroad, please contact the Ansa organisation.
  • If you are not a student, please contact Karriere Vestland, whom offer free career counselling to everyone over the age of 19.