Opening hours

Odontologen 08.30AM - 02.15PM
Sydneshaugen 08.30AM - 02.30PM
Real kaffebar 08.00AM - 02.00PM
Dragefjellet 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Høyteknologisenteret 09.00AM - 02.00PM
NHH 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Merino coffeeshop Closed until August
Biblioteket coffeeshop 08.00AM - 03.00PM
BB-bygget 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Studentsenteret 10.00AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad 09.00AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad Stasjonen coffeeshop 07.30AM - 02.00PM
Kronstad Sidesporet 08.00AM - 02.00PM
Kafé Munck 10.00AM - 02.00PM 
09.30AM - 02.30PM
Kristiania Brygghuset 08.30AM - 02.00PM
Psykologisk fakultet 08.30AM - 02.00PM
SV-fakultetet 10.00AM - 02.00PM

Sammen Catering is also open.

The remaining cafées and coffeeshops are closed until further notice.